I, Frankenstein looks like next year's Hansel and Gretel. Get excited.

Illustration for article titled emI, Frankenstein/em looks like next years emHansel and Gretel/em. Get excited.

Seriously, I, Frankenstein comes from the producers of Underworld. But our first taste of it feels more like the glorious fondue-gasm of Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters. We saw the first footage at Comic-Con and it was like a CG creature meltdown.


In the trailer we saw for I, Frankenstein, Aaron Eckhart is a scarred, 200-year-old Frankenstein monster, walking along with a ginormous sword and dealing death everywhere he goes. He's going through a nightclub with his sword out, and jumping off a building, sword-fighting with a dude, and generally being tough.

And then it goes into serious CG creature action — there are gargoyles and demons, both of them winged and totally over the top, fighting and smashing each other. Buildings are falling as these supernatural creatures put the smackdown on each other.


And meanwhile, Yvonne Strahovski is a scientist in a totally groovy mad scientist lab, using electricity to try and reanimate the dead and create life, and she looks very serious and intent.

Eckhart falls onto a speeding train and fights demons. "God will surely damn you," someone tells him. "He already did," says Eckhart. He looks grim and awesome as he fights his way through a sea of CG monsters in a bubbly fake cityscape.

"This is a Frankenstein unlike anything you've ever seen before," said director Stuart Beattie. He's "still walking the Earth after 200 years, still looking for purpose, still immortal." The demons want to figure out how Frakenstein brought his monster to life, and harness that power, and the gargoyles want to prevent that from happening.

"This is a hardcore action thriller," Aaron Eckhart says. "We've got this beautiful Filipino kali stick fighting in the movie, and Stuart worked hard to get it into the movie."


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"This is a Frankenstein unlike anything you've ever seen before,"

... because, really, that old story... pffft...