I Entered the X-Men: Apocalypse Escape Room and Lived to Tell the Tale

You’ve probably seen escape rooms advertised on TV or around your city. They’re interactive experiences that force a group of people to work together, solve clues, and get out of a made up scenario. It’s something you’d expect to do on a Friday night, not on the floor of a convention.

However, to promote X-Men: Apocalypse’s Blu-ray release, Fox created the X-Men: Tomb of Apocalypse Experience for the floor of San Diego Comic-Con. And it’s pretty fun.


I don’t want to give too many secrets away because if you are in town and want to try it, it’s a cool activity and you get a free t-shirt. Basically, though, you and about 10 people walk into a makeshift cave. The story is Moira MacTaggert has gone missing and left only her bag to solve the mystery of Apocalypse.

Groups are formed, and each one is given a set of tools. So, for example, I and another gentleman were given multiple bungie cords. What to do with them? Let’s just say this was not correct.:


Once we eventually figured that out, we had to solve another puzzle.


Once that’s solved, we got a key.

Each group has their own puzzle to solve, but since I was busy with my bungee cords, I didn’t see what the other ones were. Once the group acquires all four keys, there’s a box to unlock and in there is the savior to the world.


Plus, all of this must happen before the sun hits the top of the gold pyramid, just like in the movie.


My team won just in time and then we took this photo. Not a bad way to spend 10 minutes on the floor at Comic-Con.

Germain, second from left, with a bunch of random Comic-Con fans, including Rogue.

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