Only 25 seconds of new Game of Thrones footage! Still awesome.

Illustration for article titled Only 25 seconds of new emGame of Thrones/em footage! Still awesome.

In anticipation of the new trailer coming out this Sunday night, HBO has released five new Vine videos from the upcoming fourth season of Game of Thrones. Obviously, they're short — six seconds each, with one second to tell you when the real trailer is coming — but 25 seconds of footage has never felt so worthwhile.


I'll put all the spoilers at the end, after the video, obviously. First. here's Tyrion being led somewhere in chains:


And here's Jon Snow in the middle of a battle:

Here's Daenerys not doing much of anything, admittedly:


Here's the Mountain Gregor Clegane appearing to have a duel with new character Oberyn Martell:


And here's some men in armor riding in the snow and killing people:


I admit it's completely ridiculous to be so excited about these five, incredibly tiny glimpses of Game of Thrones' next season, but I'm excited nonetheless.

And now, SPOILER WARNING except for those who have read the books:

We know why Tyrion is in chains, and we know the score between the Red Viper and the Mountain, although man does this quick glimpse makes me super-excited about seeing this scene. But what about the two shots in the north? I'd guess that the Jon clip is of the attack by the wildings who crossed over the wall, the ones he traveled with, because that's the battle that should have more fighting on the ground as opposed to on top of the Wall or inside its tunnels. As for the men on horses killing what I assume is a Wildling — maybe it's the first of Stannis' troops to arrive to fend off the bigger Wilding army? Or am I jumping to conclusions?


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I don't want the season spoiled.

You warned readers at the top of the page, then threw the spoilers far away at the bottom so I'd need to scroll and deliberately look for them.

Then you reiterated in the spoiler warning in Bold letters.

Thanks, Rob, you rock. That's exactly how spoilers like this should be done.