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The first trailer for the WWE-produced Leprechaun: Origins has dropped. You'll first notice that the movie appears to be taking itself very seriously. Then you'll probably notice that it also seemingly has nothing to do with leprechauns.


Turning the classic Irish faerie into a monster was always kind of a stretch in the first place, but at least in the original movies the Leprechaun was protecting his gold. The movie poster up top aside, this thing just looks like your standard monster-who-hangs-out-by-a-cabin-in-the-woods, waiting for a bunch of obnoxious American 20-somethings to stop by so it can murder them. Is the new Leprechaun going to even be wear a green suit? Have big-ass buckles? Speak in an Irish accent? Hell, even a bowl of goddamned Lucky Charms would be something.


Call me crazy, but maybe "dark and gritty" isn't the most suitable reboot style for the movies about a tiny green monster who spent not one but two movies "In Tha Hood"?

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