Now This Is An Epic​ Little Mermaid Chest Tattoo

Illustration for article titled Now This Is An Epic​ emLittle Mermaid/em Chest Tattoo

If you're going to get a Little Mermaid (villain-centric) Disney chest piece, this is the high-water mark. Amazing.

Featured in Buzzfeed's 25 Disney Villain Tattoos To Die For. Mark Barela's Little Mermaid tattoo, done by artist Matthew Tillman, is not only very creative (we love the layout!) but it is bold as hell. We like your style, Mark.

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F'mal DeHyde

I don't get it. I understand people getting tats to honor a family member or event but what significance could The Little Mermaid have for this guy? It's great artwork but I wouldn't want to look at it on my wall for 60 years, much less my body. But hey, I'm old... what do I know?