Marvel screened Captain America: Civil War for critics, giving us our first look at the next installment of the MCU. The results? Wildly positive.

Critics who saw the film praised Tom Holland’s Spiderman and Chadwick Bosman’s Black Panther, a couple of prominent action scenes, and overall labeled it the best MCU film to date.

Here’s a couple of reactions on Twitter:

Our own Germain Lussier was also able to take it in, and had this to say:

Still, not all reviews were so glowing: there’s a small number of people who came away from the film disappointed:

UPDATE: several people have written in to note that Nick Robinson (we previously linked a pair of tweets) hadn’t actually seen the film:

These seem to be in the minority, however: the overall reaction to this movie looks to be incredibly positive.

Update: these screenings were press screenings, not the 25 public screenings across the US and Canada.

Captain America: Civil War is set to be released on May 6th, 2016.