After the arrival of bionic arms and mind-controlled exoskeletons, it was only a matter of time before we began translating these new technologies into sex toys. The Ambrosia Vibe isn't as sophisticated as other bionic technologies, but it is one step on the path to having that detachable penis you always wanted.

The idea is simple — this sex toy has pressure sensors that translate touch into different kinds of vibrations. So if you stroke one end of the vibrator, it delivers a stroke-like sensation on the other end. Whomever is wearing the vibrator can "feel" what their partner is doing to it.


OK, so it's not quite like a mind-controlled exoskeleton, but it's still pretty damn futuristic (and hot).

Here's what the Ambrosia makers say about it:

The Ambrosia Vibe is a new type of strap-on dildo that responds to touch: stroke it, push it, pull it, suck on it, or move it inside someone in a rhythmic way. The unique Ambrosia Pressure Sense Technology™ perceives the motion on the dildo and transfers sensation to the user via a vibrator at the base of the unit. The Ambrosia Vibe allows the strap-on wearer to actually "feel" the sexual stimulation applied to the dildo ...

A "vein" that senses pressure from stroking, pushing, pulling, or sucking runs along the underside of the Ambrosia dildo. The pressure applied to this vein is transmitted via a tube to the control box. The control box measures pressure using some extremely sexy math (see image below), and the bullet vibe in the base of the dildo vibrates in response. The strap-on is designed to be worn in a harness with the base positioned against the wearer's clitoris, so they can feel the stimulation ...

Adds inventor Dr. X Treme:

One of the most liberating uses for technology in general is to free individuals from the constraints of their bodies, whether it's letting us see things hundreds of miles away, fly, or live underwater. Our technology lets people not born with a biological penis have a richer experience as they play with sensation of their new 'organ.' We hope that this improves people's lives and makes them happier with whatever their sexual and gender identity are.

Right now, the creators are crowdfunding the Ambrosia Vibe on Indiegogo. Check it out, and consider giving a little cash to the future of sex.