And Now the Important News: How the Brexit Will Impact Game of Thrones

What today has felt like as a British person, to be honest.
What today has felt like as a British person, to be honest.

Winter is coming, but the Brexit is already here—the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union. Economists are worried. Scientists are worried. Adam from Manchester is worried, and also a complete buffoon. But so are Game of Thrones fans, as the show films across the EU. Good news, though: the show will be fine.


Game of Thrones predominantly films in Northern Ireland—the part of the country that is still part of the UK, and is thus joining them in leaving the EU—and has, for many seasons, done location filming in other EU member states like Spain and Croatia.

In the wake of this morning’s announcement that UK will begin plans to leave the European Union, concerned Game of Thrones fans were worried that the show’s budget would be affected, as it would no longer receive credits from the EU for filming in one of its member states through the European Regional Development Fund. The fund was created to incentivize filmmakers and producers to shoot within the European Union, in the same way states like Georgia in the US have tax credits for film production.

Less money to work with—especially on a show like Game of Thrones, where episodes cost on average around $10 million each—would obviously be concerning as the show slowly builds to its blockbuster climax. However, fans shouldn’t worry: HBO hasn’t drawn money from the European Regional Development Fund for the past few seasons, instead getting incentives from other programs that will not be affected by the Brexit. On top of that, the network reached out to Entertainment Weekly to provide a short and simple reassurance:

We do not anticipate that the result of the EU Referendum will have any material effect on HBO producing Game of Thrones.

That settles that, then. The rest of the news today might be depressing, but at least Game of Thrones will be all right, eh?

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