I Can't Tell Which of These Two Moments From Last Night's Legends of Tomorrow I Love More

The fact that they basically happened one after the other in an episode that was already an absolute blast just cemented my thoughts that Legends has gotten so much more fun now that its eagerly accepted the goofiness of its premise.

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“The Justice Society of America” was just jam-packed with brilliant moments, as the crew decided to ignore all warnings and head back in time to meet up with the Justice Society. Hulked out superpowered Nazis? JSA vs. Legends shenanigans? Punching all the Nazis? Nate Heywood actually being excitable and inspiring as the team’s quasi-leader in a way Rip Hunter could never be?

All that was great—and once again, Legends being freed from the constraints of a single mission and telling different stories in different times opens itself up to just having a lot more fun. But none of that tops the glorious moments you’ll see in the video below.

For some context, the Legends are still in 1942, and have to infiltrate a cabaret where head Nazi Baron Krieger, who’s on the hunt for a magical artifact for Hitler’s occult collection in the JSA’s possession. Their way in? The fact that Doctor Stein looks exactly like Max Lorenz, Hitler’s favorite singer. When a Nazi officer at the cabaret demands that Stein prove he is who he says he is, Stein takes the stage:

Look, letting Victor Garber (who’s done plenty of work in Broadway musicals) sing Edelweiss for no particular reason whatsoever would’ve already made this the icing on the cake for an episode like this, but it’s what happens immediately after that makes it perfect: Ray Palmer, so earnestly incapable of doing a Nazi salute to blend in, decides it’s better to punch a bunch of Germans and start a bar fight. It’s adorable.


Legends of Tomorrow has discovered that the core of its new found goofballery lies within the heart of the delightfully dorky Ray Palmer. Ray is a character I am totally fine with this show molding its new lighthearted ethos around, especially if it means moments as fun as this.

Assorted Musings:

  • RIP Rex Tyler! Poor guy had to get offed by the Reverse Flash. We hardly knew ye.
  • It’s still so weird that all of the JSA has these modern, leathered-up, CW-house-style superhero costumes, and then Stargirl has a retro-as-hell and super-faithful version of her comic outfit. It makes no sense, but hers was also easily the best JSA outfit, so maybe they should’ve gone further with it.
  • Next week the show goes to feudal Japan. We’ve already seen pictures of Ray Palmer in a Shogun-ized Atom armor riding a horse, and I can’t wait.

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Since 1942 Rex had never met the Legends, it was clear that a future version of himself had traveled to 2016 to tell them not to go to 1942. But, Thawne killed 1942 Rex before he could do that. So does that never happen now? And what was the point of that? Confusing time shenanigans...