I can't stop watching this boiling mud

Behold, the boiling mud pools of Rotorua, a New Zealand city known the world over for its remarkable geothermal activity. Rotorua is so alive with earthly energy, it is not uncommon to see steam literally escaping from cracks in the city's streets.

Via SightsForSeeing:

The Rotorua region of New Zealand is famous for its geysers, hot springs and geothermal features. Amongst these the boiling mud pool is at once both the most humble and the most intriguing. It is easy to become quite absorbed in this endlessly playing and continually varying earthy drama. With patience it is possible to take some intriguing photos but I have wanted for a long time to use video and music to capture at least some of the magic.


There's almost something obscene, in a vaguely biological sense, about watching mud boil – but it's impossible to look away. Though, for as mesmerizing as it is to watch (the clayish stuff looks like it would be outrageously fun to play in, if not for the third-degree burns and everything), this blistering morass is in fact bursting with hydrogen sulfide, which smells an awful lot like rotten eggs. Hot rotten eggs, in this case. Which... well... perhaps the boiling mud pools of Rotorua are best experienced over the internet.

[Spotted on The Kid Should See This]

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New Zealand is glorious and everyone should visit for a minimum of three weeks. but omygodthatflightisinsanelylong.