I Can't Get Over This Star Wars Action Figure's Hilariously Grumpy Face

At some point in our lives—when it’s Monday morning, when we’ve been rudely awakened from a good nap, when we’ve not had enough coffee, when we spot our arch-nemesis walking by—we have all felt the exact same way this Rogue One action figure does. Don’t lie.

Say hello to Admiral Raddus, one of the new 3.75" Rogue One figures teased by Hasbro at its New York Comic Con panel. Sure, the wave includes heroes like Chirrut Imwe and Bohdi Rook, and villains like Darth Vader and the Death Trooper. But I think we can all agree, based on his clear distaste for the world and everyone around him, Admiral Raddus is secretly the best Star Wars action figure in this wave.

THIS is the accessory you packed me in with? UGH. Amateurs.

In fact, he might be the best Star Wars action figure of all time.

You can see the rest of the new 3.75" action figures below, but none of them are as good as Admiral Raddus.


These figures should be on shelves for around $8 each later this year.


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