I’m not gonna lie; I’m genuinely looking forward to the return of Gotham next Monday. Its combination of camp, violence, insanity, and utter disregard for the Batman mythos makes it a weirdly liberating—if not outright entertaining—hour of television. But that’s beside the point; the point is I can see the future.

First, check out this Tweet:


Then watch this new promo video for the show, released yesterday:

Now check the date on my Tweet. 2014?! Back during Gotham season one?! Behold my limited and preposterously specific power!


Okay, to be fair, as the promo clearly shows, it’s Riddler who says the line, not Penguin. Also it’s being said during season three, not two. Also, it’s basically the most obvious line anyone could possibly think of, given that there are two characters named Penguin and Fish and they often find themselves in conflict.

Honestly, the real news here is that Gotham had the restraint to save this line for season three. It may be the first time Gotham has shown restraint for anything. If we’re lucky, it’ll also be the last.