I Am Not Okay With This' First Trailer Gives Psychic Powers to Teenage Traumas

Image: Netflix
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Being a teenager can suck enough at times. Violent telekinetic powers activated by heightened emotion on top of all that might sound cool at first, but I’m getting the feeling I Am Not Okay With This’ teen heroine will be, well...not okay with it.


As much as Netflix really wants you to know that this is being produced by the team behind Stranger Things, I Am Not Okay With This isn’t just Eleven all over again. It’s an adaptation of Charles Forsman’s coming-of-age superpowered indie comic of the same name, and follows Sydney (Sophia Lillis), a 15-year-old mad at the world—whether its because of the loss of her father, social isolation at high school, or a crush on her best friend, Dina (Sofia Bryant). But suddenly, Sydney discovered that her frustrations allow her to tap into a power she never knew she had.

The focus of this trailer is definitely on the high-school drama angle of it all more than it is Sydney’s burgeoning powerset, but considering Forsman’s comic went to some pretty dark places, we can problem expect more than just a few bowling balls to go psychically flying when I Am Not Okay With This hits the streaming service on February 26. 

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A Lantern of Hope

I can’t tell you how many times an ex has telekinetically launched bowling balls at my head. I always had it coming, though.