Hunger Games: Catching Fire director promises NO SHAKY CAM

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Francis Lawrence, director of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire revealed that he's ditching the much-dreaded shaky cam from the first movie. Thank goodness.

In an interview New York Magazine Lawrence admitted that he nixed the bouncy filming (and also said he'd be focusing more on the love triangle):

Will you be using the shaky cam, like in the first movie?

No! [Laughs.] No shaky cam. I think a lot of people will be happy to hear that.

The first film skimped a little on showing us the strategy behind the Katniss-Peeta love story.
I felt the same. I felt the love story in general was, um, a bit buried in the first one. I wanted to bring the love story to the surface. And when I say love story, I mean the triangle.


This sounds very, very good to us. More blood and love stuff! More details on the new movie in the interview (he promises better CG!).

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I still think I may be the only person in America not annoyed with the shaky cam. I saw the movie twice in theaters and it didn't even register.

Also, I don't know if "bringing the love triangle to the forefront" is a good thing. It's not at the forefront in the books, and to good effect, imo.