Hundreds of Hours of Star Trek Hit Netflix Instant Just in Time for the Long Weekend

Oh boy. Oh boy oh boy oh boy. So you know how Netflix said they were bringing every Star Trek everything to Watch Instantly? They finally delivered, just in time for you to celebrate your independence trying to track down that one episode of TNG where Tasha Yar wasn't incredibly annoying.


Looks like most but not all of the Star Trek canon got blasted onto streaming today—you'll find two seasons of the original series and full accounts of TNG, Voyager, and Enterprise the latter of which I'm still not entirely convinced actually happened. Deep Space 9 will be out in October.

There's more! Thank heavens. The X-Men cartoon that was incredible for a few seasons and then Cable showed up and things got real real weird is on there. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, too, which was always real real weird, arrived on the 18th.


Happy birthday, America! Who needs fireworks and bratwurst when you've got photon torpedos. [Engadget]

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I'm convinced I'm the only person on the planet that liked Enterprise.