We've seen fan filmmaker remakes of Star Wars and RoboCop, and now a huge group of animators are doing the same thing for Sailor Moon. They are pooling their talents to remake every shot of a single episode of the show in a variety of styles.

Moon Animate, Make Up! is a fan project helmed by Kate Sullivan and includes the work of more than 250 student, hobbyist, and professional animators. Each animator has received a one to ten-second clip from a single 22-minute Sailor Moon episode to remake in their own style. And while sometimes animations can be the weaker points of fan movie remakes, this project showcases some real talents who have all volunteered to make these shots in their spare time.


The full episode will be released this spring, but in the meantime you can see some of the remade shots below and at the Moon Animate, Make Up! blog.

[Moon Animate, Make Up!]