"Humanity's End" — Best B-Movie of Next Year

What makes Humanity's End our pick for best straight-to-video movie coming in 2009? Might be the Space 1999-looking spaceships in this trailer, or the mega-awesome voiceover that intones dramatically, "In the far reaches of the galaxy, a dark force has risen." Or maybe it's the premise of the flick, which is that the "last man in the galaxy" has been found on a remote planet, even though the trailer is full of tons of humans. (OK, maybe they are cyborgs or something.) Maybe it's the pure goofy scale of the movie - the giant robots, the fleets of spacecraft, the post-apocalyptic interiors full of gleaming dust. Whatever it is, we are strapped in and ready to launch into full appreciation mode for the perfectly-titled cheeseterpiece Humanity's End when it hits DVD in six months. [via Quiet Earth]


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