Humanity+ @ San Francisco conference starts next week — and io9 will be there!

Humanity+, an organization that advocates the ethical use of technology to expand human capacities, is holding their annual conference next weekend from December 1-2 at the Seven Hills Conference Center at SF State in San Francisco. The theme for this year's confab is "Writing the Future" — and seeing as that's exactly what we do here at io9, we'll be there to represent and share our insights.


The ultimate aim of the conference will be to "encourage refined communication about the future in creative ways, and thereby promote serious attention to the opportunities and risks we are facing."

Subsequently, the conference will primarily focus on how emerging sciences and technologies are communicated and how this affects the way the future unfolds. Specific subject areas will include advances in robotics, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, human enhancement, brain-computer integration, regenerative medicine, and radical life extension.

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These breakthroughs and future visions are often conveyed by scientists, futurists, sci-fi writers, and the media. To that end, Humanity+ has assembled an impressive list of speakers, a group that includes science fiction authors Kim Stanley Robinson and David Brin, acclaimed biomedical gerontologist Aubrey de Grey, designer and theorist Natasha Vita-More, and futurists Jamais Cascio, Ramez Naam, Max More, James Hughes, and many more.

And of course, io9 will be there as well. Annalee will be speaking about "Slow Futures: Using History to Write about Tomorrow," and I'll be there to talk about futureshock and how I cover the future beat.

We certainly hope to see you there next weekend. Tickets are still available here.


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Will any of it be recorded for streaming afterwards?