"Human Pump" Uses Dancing to Power a Waterfall System

Click to viewIn the future, drought-ridden regions could have their thirst quenched when people take daily walks and children play. Gunwook Nam’s Human Pump uses the kinetic energy that people create when they move to bring water to areas that have underground sources, but lack the power to easily bring that water to the surface. With it, Nam hopes to build a future where citizens of formerly arid regions bring waterfalls to life with their feet.Nam’s pump uses a wooden boardwalk, which he sees placed on major roads and other sources of heavy foot traffic. The kinetic energy from humans and animals stepping on the boardwalk can then be stored and used to power underground pumps, which bring water to the surface. The waterfall presents a dramatic effect, but the main purpose of the sculpture is to allow citizens to easily and efficiently collect water for drinking and farming, ensuring that they have a readily available source of safe water, and freeing up the time usually spent pumping water by hand.


The Human Pump will get a test drive as part of Urban Re:Vision, where it will debut as part of an effort to build a sustainable city block in the city of Dallas. Human Pump [Re:Vision via Inhabitat]

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