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Human Ovulation — Caught on Tape!

The process of human ovulation has long been shrouded in mystery. We know that once or twice a month, women release tiny eggs from their ovaries into their fallopian tubes, which usher eggs into the uterus. There they either get fertilized by some frenzied sperm, or zoom away during menstruation. But until last week, nobody had seen any good images of what it looks like when the egg emerges from the uterus. Now there are not only some amazing images of the egg emerging (who knew human eggs were gold? they look like caviar!) but there's also some footage of the ovulation too. You can watch this film of the ovulation process, from New Scientist, or check out the photos below. Yes, there are some guts but it also looks incredibly cool.

Illustration for article titled Human Ovulation — Caught on Tape!

Wonder of life and all that crap. But seriously — wonder of life! It's pretty awesome. Now if only I could get a robot to do this for me, instead of having to poot out those eggs myself every month, I would be totally psyched.

Human Ovulation Caught on Film [via New Scientist]

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Annalee Newitz

@Final: Nom nom nom! Good fried or boiled! Or in sushi.