Human organs floating out of dress shirts, underwater

For her Liquid Ground series, photographer Helen Pynor shot submerged garments with eerily displaced human organs floating out of them. Prynor's series seeks to provide a counterpoint to the disgust and revulsion most folks associate with human viscera.

Explains a synopsis of her work from London's GV Gallery (via Design Boom):

The works offer new and unexpected ways to view and relate to our body's interior which remains a largely unexplored and somewhat frightening domain for many of us. The unlikely starting point for this body of work was research Pynor undertook into incidents of accidental drowning in the Thames, inspired by her first year in London in 2009-2010 which was spent working by the river. Beguiled by the river's shifting tides and lethal currents, she researched some of the thousands of recorded cases of accidental drowning in the river, from incidents involving hundreds of victims drowned in mass disasters through to those in which a lone victim met their end [...]

Liquid Ground offers a challenge to dominant modes of presenting the body's interior, by rejecting the celebration of gore and horror, and likewise challenging the clinical neutrality sought within medical discourse. Despite the potential for morbidity in the subject matter, the works become strangely compelling evocations of our visceral fragility and the entwined nature of our biological and cultural selves.


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