Are you an artist? Do you write, draw, paint, make music, movies or in some way try to express the human condition through creativity? Well, please stop, because there's no longer any point. The film Army of Frankensteins is here, rending all further artistic expression moot.


As you can tell from the trailer, Army of Frankensteins is about an army of Frankenstein monsters — here helpfully called Frankensteins in what is assuredly not an error on the part of the filmmakers — who are somehow sent back into the Civil War, and the , uh... person? people? who must stop... all those Frankensteins. This premise is glorious enough, but the film gives us the extra joy of seeing a Union soldier wielding what looks for all intents and purposes to be Mega Man's buster cannon, which automatically makes this the greatest movie ever made.

So, yeah. If you're not writing, drawing, composing or filming something about a Civil War solider with an arm cannon fighting multiple Frankensteins, don't fucking bother.


[Via Topless Robot]

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