Hulu's Latest Into the Dark Episode Highlights the Horrifying Side of April Fools' Day

The face of a man who’s very sure he’s being very funny.
Image: Hulu

If it’s nearing April, it’s definitely time to start watching your back if there are any practical jokers in your midst. As the increasingly unamused protagonists of Hulu and Blumhouse’s latest entry in horror-anthology series Into the Dark discover, though, there is definitely such a thing as taking the joke too far.

The episode’s cheekily titled I’m Just Fucking With You; it stars Keir O’Donnell, Hayes MacArthur, and Jessica McNamee, and is directed by Adam Mason from a script by Gregg Zehentner and Scott Barkan. Here’s the trailer:

I’m Just Fucking With You premieres April 1 on Hulu.

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