Hulu's Latest Into the Dark Episode Asks, 'What if The Breakfast Club, But Horror?'

Annie Q as Erica in School Spirit.
Image: Hulu
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As horror fans know by now, Hulu and Blumhouse’s Into the Dark series injects a scary story into each month’s seasonally-appropriate holiday. But since August doesn’t really have a traditional holiday of its own, the next installment has a little fun with the theme, making it a “back to school” thing and riffing heavily on The Breakfast Club along the way.

The trailer for School Spirit has arrived, and it offers a familiar set-up: A group of kids who would otherwise not be hanging out together grimly assemble for their Saturday detention.


But things take a turn when the teens realize the jerky principal isn’t the real villain this fine weekend’s the vengeful manifestation of their school mascot, come to up its body count with some fresh kills.

Kids, this is why you don’t prank your teachers! It’s also why you don’t “get high and tell ghost stories” when you’re alone in your creepy-ass haunted high school.

School Spirit, which is written by Pat Casey and Josh Miller and directed by Mike Gan, premieres August 2 on Hulu.


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