Hulu's Halloween Shorts Are for Children, Too, in 'Back to Cave One'

From “Back to Cave One.”
From “Back to Cave One.”
Image: Hulu

A cute CGI Halloween short for the child in your family. Or just you if you like spooky cartoons.

History, so they say, is cyclical, which makes the setting for Hulu’s new Halloween short rather interesting: a far-flung apocalyptic future... but with cavepeople. Oh, well, I suppose once we’re gone, it’ll be as good a time for any for them to shine. In Back to Cave One, a family of post-human pre-humans goes Trick or Treating amidst the wreckage of the human race.

It’s more fun than it sounds.

The short was animated by Passion Pictures, with direction and writing by Maryka Laudet and Quentin Camus. There’s some delightful style and humor here, with just a little bit of dread. I’m not going to say that it seems influenced by Adventure Time, but it seems influenced by Adventure Time.


Back to Cave One is the first of Hulu’s “Bite Size Halloween, Jr.” series of Halloween shorts, the child-sized version of the “Bite Size Halloween” shorts. You can see more on Hulu.

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