Hulu Has Reportedly Killed Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider is dead, at least on Hulu
Ghost Rider is dead, at least on Hulu
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Hulu just did something hundreds of evil villains couldn’t do in the pages of Marvel Comics. It killed Ghost Rider.


Deadline reports the streaming service has pulled the plug on the planned show citing “a creative impasse which could not be resolved.” It’s unknown if Marvel will be able, or wants to, shop Ghost Rider to another outlet—or perhaps even bring it over to Disney’s other streaming service, the upcoming Disney+—but the other series announced for Hulu alongside Ghost Rider, Helstrom, is apparently still in the works.

Ghost Rider was set to star Terminator: Dark Fate’s Gabriel Luna as the supernatural character, reprising his role as the Robbie Reyes incarnation of Ghost Rider, who first appeared in this form on Agents of SHIELD.

This is obviously a very recent development because, just a few short weeks back, io9 spoke with Luna about the show and he was very excited about it. “I love that we have a whole wonderful, beautiful writer’s room right now, just exploring Robbie’s psychology,” Luna said. “We get to continue to add to the canon, because it seems like everything we do with Robbie is just we’re pushing the canon. He’s existed since 2014. So we’re just adding more and more and more to this great story of Robbie Reyes’ Ghost Rider.”

We’ll have more on Ghost Rider if it gets possessed by an evil force and comes back to life.

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Well this lends credibility that Ghost Rider is on Kevin Feige short list of future movies...