Hulu Gives You the Cheesy Scifi Archive Experience

Weird Science, Sliders, The Outer Limits and The Pretender all together in one place for the first time. Yes, we have learned to love the NBC and News Corp internet venture Hulu, which has done what few on demand services in any medium have accomplished - deliver a breadth and depth of content that keeps you coming back for more. Who are we to deny the young people of tomorrow the tumultuous and inconclusive journey of The Pretender?I discovered Hulu's ever-growing archive while I was looking online for an episode of Lost in Space, "The Hungry Sea." I wasn't alive for this show's original run, but the setting and tone are downright crazy today. The Museum of TV & Radio in New York used to let you look back into TV's past, and this was one of the first things I accidentally watched as a kid. Then there's shows I wasn't even aware existed, like Land of the Giants, a Lost in Space follow-up that set the sterling template for Honey I Shrunk the Kids. Steven Bochco's 1975 version of The Invisible Man is another example of a program I was too young to originally watch, but it's perfect for the internet and the concept is still an entertaining re-imagining of H.G. Wells' original vision. Now they just need to get the British version on there.


Some series just resemble a bad dream. In fact, I really thought I had imagined NBC's The Pretender. For example: Johny Sokko and His Flying Robot formed the template for all the flying robot shows we've come to take for granted. The biggest surprise (for me) is the Bill Bixby version Incredible Hulk. The show holds up great, at times resembling Lost with its inclusion of technology and savagery in the same frame. They even have "Proof Positive" — the only episode of the show that didn't feature Bill Bixby. Let Hulu suck up your remaining attention span here.

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