Hulk Missed Beating Get Smart By... Well, By A Lot, Actually

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Remember how we said Incredible Hulk had to pull in an impressive second weekend box office to be considered a hit? And how the Hulk movie really had to beat Get Smart? Well, get in the lotus position and stare at a metronome - we've got some upsetting news. Get Smart pulverized TIH at the box-office, taking in $39 million to Hulk's $21 million. And preliminary estimates show Hulk scoring a roughly 62 percent drop-off from its first weekend, nearly as bad as Ang Lee's Hulk. The movie is close to making $100 million, and it'll probably do well on DVD. But the prospects of a second Incredible helping are dimming. Update: Now people are speculating Incredible Hulk's performance may actually hurt Marvel's stock.


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Charlie Jane Anders

@ビッグ ボス: Yeah, that's why the second weekend was so important. A lot of people stayed away the first weekend b/c they remembered the Ang Lee movie. But ideally, you want it to get enough good word of mouth that a bunch of people show up the second weekend... and it didn't quite happen. Or not enough, anyway.