We're huge fans of Lou Ferrigno's original Hulk from the TV series. So when we saw Ferrigno running a booth at Wondercon, we had to ask him some searching questions. Here's what Lou had to say about his role in the new Hulk movie, the original show... and his forthcoming career in politics.


Is it true you have a cameo in the new movie?

I have a great part in the movie but I can't talk about it, it's confidential.

Have you already filmed it?

Yeah, it comes out June 13th.

So the wig you wore as the Hulk, is it true that it was some fancy $5,000 wig?

Yeah, it was hair from a Chinese mule. I might have it, I have a lot of memorabilia. I'll have to check my boxes to see what I have.


How long did it take to paint your body green?

Three hours.

Do you wish that you were the governor of California instead of Arnie?

Someday if I get the opportunity, I'm interested in running for a congressional seat.