Hulk Doomed?

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Creative infighting between Edward Norton and Marvel, and weak buzz about the first trailer, have many observers predicting the Incredible Hulk will be the summer's biggest bomb. Even Stan Lee, the Hulk's co-creator, doesn't think it'll do as well as Iron Man, which has supreme buzz and fans drooling over every clip.


A new article in the New York Times, casting doubt on the green powerhouse's prospects, also drops a couple bits of info: the Hulk will talk in the new movie, unlike the TV show or Ang Lee film. And if Norton disagrees with Marvel's final cut of the film, he may refuse to cooperate with publicity efforts. In separate news, a fight coordinator says filming of the Justice League movie has been pushed back to the end of the year due to funding issues. [New York Times, thanks to Christopher]

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Charlie Jane Anders

@Plague: Yeah... but that's not saying it'll be a hit.