Hulk Director Moves On To Radioactive Team-Building Movie

Louis Leterrier, the director who just rescued The Incredible Hulk, has announced his next movie, about a team of young consultants who get drugged and left in a radioactive town in Russia. The group has to manage an escape, by working together. The movie is titled Strays and does not have a start date. Fingers crossed for a mutated-businessman ropes course. Leterrier's style makes way for what I hope will be many Mad Max like car chase scenes and high tension stand offs between bosses and their assistants. [First Showing]


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Final: God Fearing Robot

I'd take 50 Sieverts or 5000 RAD in a sitting before I get left in ANY Russian town. I have 2 friends from Moscow and a friend from Minsk and you couldn't pay them to go back.