Hugh Jackman Is Our RoboRocky

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It may be time to have a science fiction intervention for Hugh Jackman. Fresh from the moderate success of this summer's X-Men Origins: Wolverine, he's considering taking on the lead role in the upcoming robotic boxing movie Real Steel.


Variety reports that Jackman is in talks to star in Shawn Levy's movie, based upon a short story by I Am Legend author Richard Matheson, where a former boxer becomes a robot boxing promoter who discovers both a son he never knew he had as well as a seemingly-unbeatable robotic boxing champ.

While we have no doubt that Jackman will kill in the role, we're concerned that he's milking his Wolverine geek cred for all it's worth... and it's working. Suddenly, we're finding ourselves interested in the movie for the first time ever. Maybe it's us that need the intervention.


Jackman Tests Mettle with "Real Steel" [Variety]

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As a point of interest, Matheson's story was previously filmed as an episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE starring Lee Marvin.