Snowy, Nordic fairy tale Frozen could have been wildly different from what we saw in theaters. Check out the whole other movie Disney almost made, in this astounding collection of concept art.

Disney artist Victoria Ying has released a few images from her gorgeous work on Frozen, showing a vast new world of magic and wonder tucked between the Disney Fjords. And look what we discovered while poking through her work.


In our previous interview with the big voice behind the adorable snowman Olaf, Josh Gad confirmed that Megan Mullally was originally slated to play Elsa. All Gad revealed was that, "She [Mullally] was brilliant, but it was a completely different story." Which wow — that really would have been an entirely different movie. Earlier concept art from Frozen also revealed that the original Snow Queen was inspired by Bette Midler.

This image Ying is absolutely channeling Midler. And now we really want to see a whole new Frozen with a Middler/Mullally Queen.


Here are some very early images of Elsa's early on castle. As you can plainly see, this is an entirely different place. Both strikingly beautiful, yet lonesome, ice palaces. But these also appear as if the Snow Queen had been inhabiting her ice castle for much longer than Elsa in the final version of Frozen.

An epic throne inspired by lace.

And here's what appears to be Anna, approaching the Snow Palace.

And holy cow the Ice Queen had an army of Snowmen!

And if you noticed above (and in the past art) this Queen was blue. So it makes sense that the younger version of this character would also be blue. And here she is all tiny and adorable and BLUE!

Here's a look at Anna's bedroom with the Anna you saw in the film.

And here's a look at what appears to be a dressing room. Which fits perfectly with the recently released deleted scene that took place inside Princess Anna and Princess Elsa's gigantic closet. The hanging dress really looks like the a combination of classic Disney Princess gowns. (A little Cinderella, right?)

Norwegian Rosemaling was clearly a HUGE influence on this film. And it's just utilized in the most phenomenal ways. Really I just can't get enough of it. Plus here's another image of an earlier version of the King and Queen. And the Queen's coat is fabulous.

For more extraordinary art head over to Victoria Ying's website!