How You Can Give To Change Torchwood's Latest Departure

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The surprise departure of a core Torchwood cast member may have looked unlikely to be reversed anytime soon, but fans are hoping that an appeal to the BBC's charitable nature can change the minds that matter. Spoilers ahead!


Fans upset at the death of Ianto Jones in Torchwood: Children Of Earth have created an online campaign to resurrect the character, and they're not above bribing the BBC into making it happen. The website SaveIantoJones is urging supporters to donate money to the Beeb's annual Children In Need appeal in his honor:

Though we, his devoted fans, still hope that he'll come back (it's still sci-fi, and in sci-fi, death can be reversed, can't it?), we mourn him. In the series, he died saving the children of Earth; so it seems fitting to honor [sic] his memory by helping the Children in Need.

Appealing to the corporation's charitable side is likely to work better than their charm offensive, judging by this recent update on the site's front page:

We'd like to encourage people NOT to contact Mr. Russell T Davies about this, and to contact BBC Wales instead, as most of you are already doing.

While the BBC have remained polite and well-mannered, in response to a very peaceful campaign, Mr. Davies has made it clear in recent interviews that he views his fans with contempt, and as disposable, which saddens us. We hope the BBC doesn't adopt this standpoint, because we've been loyal viewers, and are generous, kind hearted, intelligent people who DON'T deserve to be abused. Or patronised. :) Thanks.

Fans wishing to contact the BBC are being urged to send coffee to the corporation's Welsh headquarters.

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fandom - unfortunately you get the nuts mixed in with the sane ones.

When will the fans sense of entitlement over this show end? I am a huge fan, but I get that the writers and everyone else involved has a game plan and they stuck to it. It was the story they wanted to tell and it was a damned good ride, but they certainly do not 'owe' me the viewer anything, and bringing any character back is just fanwa*k of the highest order.

I am glad that the 'petition' will raise money for charity but thier statement about RT holding the fans in contempt is beyond the pale.