How Would You Fix The Entertainment Industry?

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Through a series of bizarre occurrences, you have found yourself in charge of All Entertainment for the next five minutes. You have just enough time to issue one decree — to get a show made, to recast a role, to put someone new in charge, etc. Basically, you have one entertainment-themed wish. What is it?


For instance, you might decide to bring the Star Trek franchise back to its original universe — or order it put it back on TV. You could take Zack Snyder out of the director’s chair for the DC Cinematic Universe, and instead give it to... uh... Kevin Smith. (Please don’t do this.) Maybe you’ll decree a certain book can never be adapted in live-action — or maybe you’ll demand that Stephen King rewrite the last half of the Gunslinger saga so it makes sense. The only limit here is that you have one single wish — so use it wisely.

I challenged myself to think up a scenario where I didn’t just shoot Michael Bay into space, Planet Hulk-style, and I think I found a happy compromise — I’m taking him off Transformers and moving him to G.I. Joe. He clearly loves the military and combat action waaay more than giant robots, and the Joes’ outsized, simple personalities — not to mention all their vehicles and weapons — makes far more sense for a Bay film than Transformers, don’t you think?

So what’s yours?

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By decree, no television show shall last longer than 5 seasons.