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William Gibson coined the term "cyberspace" and he's still predicting the myriad possibilities of our technological tomorrows, but how might Gibson have described our modern Internet at the time he was writing Neuromancer? Over at Something Awful, Zack Parsons' short parody of Gibson's writing style imagines how our laptop present might look from the perspective of our cyberpunk past.


Here is how Parsons begins his Gibson-filtered vision of our technological present:

Vektor extracted the Corsair 32 gigabyte thumb drive from the inside pocket of his pea coat and slotted the stick into his Dell Inspiron's port. The solid state memory activated instantly, a small LED washing green as the operating system recognized the device.

Data spilled out across his screen, resolving as a pop-up window asking him if he wanted to scan the drive for defects. He clicked yes, but unchecked the option to automatically correct any errors. The drive read clean. The data was good.

Activating his interface, the superior Chrome operating system loaded into the laptop's active memory. Vektor navigated to a server in Japan, blue alphanumeric spilling across a white field. Cat-eared women appearing in thumbnails. His browser was finely tuned to detect and parse information, increasing the speed with which he could react. It scanned the Kanji characters and offered to translate.


Head over to Something Awful to read the whole thing. It would be kind of amazing to see a series of these in the styles of different authors and subgenres, although I wonder if Frank Herbert's Dune-style Earth would read like a very bizarre history textbook.

William Gibson Correctly Predicts the Internet of 2013 [Something Awful]

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