How would Batman respond to Occupy Wall Street?

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Earlier today, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg postponed his plan to evict the Occupy Wall Street protestors from Zuccotti Park. But what would Batman do in this situation? If protestors were occupying a major park in Gotham City, potentially disrupting business, including WayneCorp operations? How would the Caped Crusader respond?


We decided to ask some of Batman's most famous writers, and here's what they told us.

Top image: Screenshot from Batman: Arkham City.

Greg Rucka, longtime writer for Detective Comics and several other Bat-comics:

He wouldn't.

People are being murdered in Gotham. People engaging in civil disobedience to enact political change? He wouldn't lose a moment's sleep over it. This isn't rioting.


Hell, he'd probably send someone down to hand out bottles of water and blankets.

Dennis O'Neil, longtime Bat-editor and columnist for ComicMix:

Batman is, of course, a pragmatist and a practitioner of triage, so such minor crimes as are being perpetrated on Wall Street wouldn't engage much of his attention, not while grotesque sociopaths are roaming the city, and even if he did decide to act, he would have to ask himself exactly how to act: how to move thousands of people without severely damaging many of them in the process. So he would, perhaps reluctantly, shrug and continue chasing the sociopaths.. But he would consider the protesters to be criminals. Batman and I do not vote alike.

Steve Englehart, writer of many great Batman comics, including the Joker Fish storyline:

The Batman I know is all about justice. So first, it's unclear if #OccupyWallStreet is in fact breaking the law, and second, I'm sure Bruce Wayne would sympathize with them. He may be rich but he's never been on the side of the one percent. Rising up from the streets to right wrongs is what he's all about.


For another take on how Batman would respond to Occupy Wall Street, check out this art by Anjin Anhut, via Wired:

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Superman is the kind of tool who would round up all the protestors because a governmental authority told him too, but if the protesters weren't being unjust I don't see why he'd be involved.