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How Will Edgar Wright Make Ant-Man a Badass?

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Read some excerpts from the Star Wars: Episode VII audition script. Warner Bros. has registered a bunch of possible Man of Steel 2 titles as domain names, and the Amazing Spider-Man universe is getting bigger. And it looks like the Governor will be stepping up his game in The Walking Dead. Spoilers ahead!


Star Wars

Jason Flemyng's another actor who's officially tried out, and pretty seriously, since he has at least a partial script. And that's literally all we know. He tweeted:

Pint of Stella and Star Wars script! That's me sorted till 5!

And posted a picture of a crumpled red script page and a beer. Below, spend some time squinting at the photo trying to make out any of the words on the page. [Comic]

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But if your eyesight isn't that good, never fear — some of the script pages which people had to read from in the open auditions for Episode VII have apparently leaked online. Including this snippet:

THOMAS: Rachel, thanks for coming to get me.

RACHEL: Family has to stick together, right?

She starts to rise. He grabs her hand, dead serious.

THOMAS: Listen, if I don't make it -

RACHEL: Sssshh.

THOMAS: But if I don't…

Before he can finish, she drops down next to him and looks him dead in the eye.

RACHEL: You're not going to die. I forbid it. Okay?


There's more at the link. [Bleeding Cool, via Slashfilm]

Production designer Rick Carter talked to Coming Soon, and revealed:

We're kind of both production designing the movie as a team, to help give J.J. the best of what his generation and the new generation can offer with Darren Gilford and also myself as a guide that takes us back to not so long, long ago, but to the '70's where I was around and making movies that old-fashioned way. Whenever we want to touch that level, it relates to something that's not just being made up as though it's new. It's being rediscovered.

More at the link. [Coming Soon, via Slashfilm]


In addition to making a movie in the same semi-comedic vein as Iron Man and The Avengers, Edgar Wright's goal is to make Ant-Man a badass:

I want to make him into a badass [laughs]. No, I always liked that comic and I always thought it would be an interesting thing to see in live-action. That's why I [showed] that Comic-Con test that we did for Marvel, to show this fight scene like a proof of content, like this is what the action is going to look like. I think a lot of people who maybe don't know the character sort of see that test and go, "Oh, right, I get it. It's like an action film," so that's the idea. I think people will be surprised by what kind of movie it is, and so in that respect it's something that I know is going to stand out because it's got a very different story and is a very different movie.



Batman vs. Superman

It looks like the Man of Steel sequel may not be called Batman vs. Superman after all. Warner Bros. registered a bunch of possible titles this week, and here they are:

"Man of Steel Battle the Knight"

"Man of Steel Beyond Darkness"

"Man of Steel Black of Knight"

"Man of Steel Darkness Falls"

"Man of Steel Knight Falls"

"Man of Steel Shadow of the Night"

"Man of Steel The Blackest Hour"

Well, they've certainly got a theme of darkness and "knight/night" puns going on. [Coming Soon]


The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Over the summer, director Marc Webb hinted that the three sequels to Amazing Spider-Man might be more than just one hero's saga, but have the potential to explore the whole Spider-Man world. It looks like we have confirmation that this is Sony's plan, as Sony Pictures Entertainment Co-Chairman Amy Pascal recently told investors:

We are going to access Marvel's full world of Spider-Man characters, so be on the lookout for new heroes and villains.


The sequel already has Electro, the Rhino, and the Osbornes and the Daily Bugle tumblr has been also expanding the world to hint at other characters from the comics. In light of Pascal's comment, both of these things now look like the seeds of an expansion of the Spidey-verse. [Comic Book Resources]

Burying the Ex

Joe Dante's new horror comedy film has financing, so it looks like it'll be his next directing project. The film already has a cast of Anton Yelchin, Alexandria Daddario, and Ashley Greene. Yelchin will play Max and Greene will play Evelyn, a couple who move in together. That's when Max "discovers how controlling and manipulative Evelyn is but he's too scared to break up with her." Evelyn dies in a accident, and Max tries to move on with Daddario's Olivia, but Evelyn rises from the dead to get him back.
[Sci Fi Now]


Transformers 4: Age of Extinction

Michael Bay gave Entertainment Tonight a little bit of a plot point for the movie, saying:

The world has progressed/modernized to a point it can almost cannibalize and kill itself.


[Transformer World]

The Purge 2

Who's ready for a purge sequel? More importantly, who's ready to have one in just seven months? Because, while there's no cast yet, Universal has given writer-director James Monaco June 20th, 2014 as a release date for a sequel. [Slashfilm]


The Strain

Guillermo del Toro's series for FX has added David Bradley (Game of Thrones) to its cast, which already includes Corey Stoll, Mia Maestro, Sean Astin, Kevin Durand, Natalie Brown, Jonathan Hyde, Richard Sammel, Robert Maillet, Jack Kesy, Ben Hyland and Miguel Gomez. Bradley will play Professor Abraham Setrakian, replacing John Hurt. Setrakian's a holocaust survivor who runs a pawn shop in Spanish Harlem. He may have answers needed as the disease spreads.


American Horror Story

Ryan Murphy's given up on having the next iteration of American Horror Story being a spinoff of Coven, saying:

We were starting to break Episode 8 or 9 and we were like, 'Well, we can't kill that person off because we need them for the spin-off.' As soon as those words were said, I was like, 'There is no spin-off.' Because it took away from the joy of the show. The reason the show is successful is no one is safe ever.


However, there will be clues about the next story starting in episode eleven of Coven. Ryan Murphy says that the next story will not be a contemporary one and will film either in New Orleans or Santa Fe. [TV Guide]

They're also filming flashbacks which explain how Kathy Bates' LaLaurie became who she is now. Murphy also says that the next episode will see Queenie torn between the liberating voodoo culture and missing the other Robichaux girls. He also says that LaLaurie is not going to find being back in Marie Laveau's hands awful:

What can you say about the next episode?

It's called "The Sacred Taking." It's a tradition that dates back to the Salem days. Sometimes to protect other witches, a witch is allowed to create a sacred act, which is taking her own life. It is about that idea and the question is you know Fiona's not going to go there on her own accord so the other witches try and get to her a place of trying to do that.

And we see the fallout of what being in Marie Laveau's captivity leads to with LaLaurie.

Yes the next couple episodes are really grim and horrible for Ms. Kathy Bates. But good for the audience. I think people love the Angela Bassett-Kathy Bates-Jessica Lange scenes so we're writing a lot of those coming up for those 3 extraordinary actresses.


[Entertainment Weekly]

And here's a promo for "The Sacred Taking." [via SpoilerTV]

The Walking Dead

A new photo shows the Governor with a tank, which isn't exactly a surprise since we'd heard that they'd been filming with one. In the comics, the Governor used a tank to break into the prison. The photo seems to confirm that the show will, at the least, be putting its own spin on that plot point. [MTV]

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And here's a new promo video for episode 4.07, "Dead Weight," with new footage. [via SpoilerTV]

Teen Wolf

Apparently, the winter premiere is going to be ridiculous. It's called "Anchors," and will spend all of the pre-credits scenes with Stiles alone or as the focus. We're also going to see the results of two supernatural beings who love the same girl living together with Mrs. Call. (Hint: It involves Isaac getting slammed into walls.) There's also hints of a car crash from the past being a plot point for the rest of the season, Allison nearly kills people, and there's a new history teacher with an important daughter, Kira. [Zap 2 It]


Once Upon a Time

The tangled family tree of Once Upon a Time, which added Peter Pan as Henry's great-grandfather on Sunday, is going to grow even more. Executive producers Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis say:

By the end of Season 3, this tree will grow by two spaces.

Whether that means new children or filling in the empty places is unclear. Smart money's on at least one new Charming, since Snow White recently said she wanted another child. As for so far unknown family members, Regina's grandmothers are both unknown, as is Rumpelstiltskin's mother and Charming's biological father. There's also the possibility of a long-lost child/sibling/cousin appearing. [TV Line]


Person of Interest

According to executive producer Amanda Segel, they're adding another episode to this season, bringing the number up to 23. [SpoilerTV]


The Originals

December 2nd's episode, "Reigning Pain in New Orleans" will see Elijah and Rebekah visit a banished wolf named Eve. This may tie in to Hayley's plot, which Phoebe Tonkin says might pit her against Marcel:

As Hayley finds out more about her family, she's obviously going to want to bring them back and allow them to be free and happy in the Quarter, alongside all the other witches and vampires.


She also said that she'll be working with Elijah and, in particular, Rebekah:

It's really nice at the moment, especially because they're the two girls in this crazy world and both have very similar upbringings. I think they kind of look at each other like the sisters they never had, which is really nice," Tonkin explained. "They're both very feisty, but I also like seeing girls get along with one another. A lot of time, especially on shows, the girls are written to be feisty and strong and to see them actually bond together as opposed to the bitchy comments back and forth I really enjoy. Hopefully we'll see them be a real force to be reckoned with in a couple of episodes.


Below's a picture showing Elijah and Rebekah with Eve, played by guest star Tasha Ames. [E! Online]

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Co-showrunner Rockne S. O'Bannon says that this week's nanobots "reveal" sets up the entire rest of this season:

The nanobot twist is something that really launches us into how we're viewing the latter half of the season, which is kind of its own standalone event. People should be prepared for the last part of the season to really crank up all the show's mythology on all sorts of levels. [There are] very big plot moves relative to the nano, but also in terms of the Patriots and what their game is and all the lengths that we have to go to to stop that. Character relationships — all that stuff is going to be wildly dialed up. The nano is one of the most exotic ideas about this world. [Aaron is] the perfect front man to lead us into that world. Where the nano takes him upcoming is fascinating and extremely emotional. We're really going to be putting Aaron through the ringer in that regard.

When the little boy says, "You woke us up," referring to when Aaron turned on the power, does that mean that technology was awake in the world, not just in Aaron?

Yeah. The nano is everywhere. There's trillions of them. They not only infuse the atmosphere, but our bodies, as well. But it was Aaron's actions at the tower that initially signaled him to be special. And then there's other things that we'll discover. There are other reasons why Aaron has been singled out by the nano.


Plus, he says that everything about Neville's going to change with his whole motivation disappearing now that Julia's not dead:

There's a natural magnetism involved in terms of always wanting to bring our characters back together. They are fighting the Patriots on two different fronts with two different agendas. Neville just got this gigantic whallop in discovering that Julia's still alive. That becomes a major twist in his motivations. Avenging her death is his entire reason for going after the Patriots and wanting to assassinate the President in particular. He was totally on track to follow that mission, a very personal mission, and now suddenly, here's Julia showing up as he's approaching the White House.


More at the link. [TV Line]


Ashley Benson's Hanna will actually be in Ravenswood, and not Rosewood, in episode ten of the first season. She's crossed over from Pretty Little Liars before, but only for a few minutes as the other end of a phone conversation. Since she was filming on the Ravenswood sets last week and this week, the best guess is that her appearance is as a guest star, not a cameo. Other guesses? That her appearance might either complicate or settle a love triangle between Hanna, Caleb, and Miranda. There's also a photo of Benson on set, tweeted by showrunner Marlene King. [Wet Paint]

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Beauty and the Beast

Executive producer Brad Kern not only defends this season's never-ending breaking up and getting back together of Vincent and Cat, he says we're going to see it over and over again some more:

They have to earn their relationship. I mean, they got together so quickly last year, as you guys know. It's an epic love; they're meant to be together... but our design for the season, really, was asking the audience to go along with us on the ride, to explore what happens when a relationship comes together maybe too fast, and you lose yourself inside the relationship, and separating them for all these very emotional and practical and moral reasons will help them in the next several episodes [to] learn more about who they are separately. The plan is for that to make them stronger as individuals, to understand better who they are, ultimately so they can find their way back to each other, stronger than ever. That's the hope; that's the plan.


[K Site TV]

Star Wars: Rebels

Below is a new Imperial teaser poster. [Coming Soon]

Illustration for article titled How Will Edgar Wright Make Ant-Man a Badass?


Here's the synopsis for episode 2.09, "Three Ghosts":

OLIVER IS VISITED BY GHOSTS FROM THE PAST — After a fight with Cyrus Gold AKA the Acolyte (guest star Graham Shiels), Oliver (Stephen Amell) is drugged and left for dead. Determined to cure him, Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) makes a risky decision. The cure causes Oliver to hallucinate, and what he sees forces him to confront his past. Meanwhile, Barry (guest star Grant Gustin) continues to help Felicity, and their connection grows stronger. The Arrow asks Lance (Paul Blackthorne) to look into Gold, but when the stakeout on Gold goes bad, someone is killed. Roy (Colton Haynes) is captured and tortured by Brother Blood (guest star Kevin Alejandro). John Behring directed the episode with story by Greg Berlanti & Andrew Kresiberg and teleplay by Geoff Johns & Ben Sokolowski (#209)



And here's the promo for episode 2.08, "The Scientist." [via SpoilerTV]

The Vampire Diaries

Here's the description for episode 5.10, "Fifty Shades of Grayson":

DAMON'S PAST RETURNS TO HAUNT HIM — Damon (Ian Somerhalder) realizes Elena (Nina Dobrev) is in danger and enlists Stefan's (Paul Wesley) help to find her. The brothers pay a visit to Aaron (guest star Shaun Sipos), and Damon shocks Stefan by revealing his first-hand knowledge of Aaron's family. In an attempt to stop Damon, Dr. Wes (guest star Rick Cosnett) unleashes his secret weapon, forcing Damon to deal with a part of his past he thought was gone forever, as well as the consequences of his decades-long plan for revenge. Meanwhile, Elena is horrified by Dr. Wes' confessions about the dark history of Whitmore College and his own ultimate goal. Finally, a frantic Katherine (Nina Dobrev) turns to Matt (Zach Roerig) for help, until she realizes that Nadia (guest star Olga Fonda) may be the one who can solve her problem. Kellie Cyrus directed the episode written by Caroline Dries (#510).



The Tomorrow People

Here's the synopsis for episode nine, "Death's Door":

TAKING RISKS — When John (Luke Mitchell) finds himself in a dangerous situation, Stephen (Robbie Amell) is unable to help without revealing himself to Ultra. Not satisfied with the answer he has discovered about his father's disappearance, Stephen decides to take drastic measures with the help of his fellow Tomorrow People to find out the truth. Meanwhile, Cara (Peyton List) and Russell (Aaron Yoo) negotiate a trade with Jedikiah (Mark Pellegrino), which ultimately makes Jedikiah take a big risk. Madeleine Mantock also stars. Leslie Libman directed the story by Greg Berlanti and Phil Klemmer and teleplay by Pam Veasey and Leigh Dana Jackson (#109).



And here's the promo for episode eight, "Thanatos." [via SpoilerTV]


Go here for a complete set of photos from episode 1.06, "Of Monsters and Men." [SpoilerTV]

Illustration for article titled How Will Edgar Wright Make Ant-Man a Badass?
Illustration for article titled How Will Edgar Wright Make Ant-Man a Badass?

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Oh god, some of those Man of Steel titles are beyond horrible. Man of Steel Beyond Darkness? Black of Knight? Blackest Hour? Who came up with those? A hundred monkeys?

I guess it could be worse - there could a "Rise of Whatever" one.