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How Will BluRay Add To Your Hogwarts Curriculum?

Illustration for article titled How Will BluRay Add To Your Hogwarts Curriculum?

Now that we've seen some of the fancy ways BluRay can enhance Watchmen, what does the next Harry Potter DVD have in store for us? Also, there are possible release dates for the final Potter movies.


At the Potter press conference, producer David Heyman and director David Yates filled us in on what we have to look forward to. Before the release in autumn 2010 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, with Part 2 coming in the summer of 2011 (at least that's what the producers said they had planned for right now).


Says Heyman: One of the things that's going to be on BluRay is that we've created some additional material in regard to the kids taking you around certain departments [behind the scenes], and interviewing people in those departments. Photographers and editing and [editor] Mark Day talking about [his work]. And that's in the 6th Blu-Ray. And other such things.

Adds David Yates: One of the things we've included I'm sure it will be on the DVD and Blu-Ray, we had all these photographs of [Horace] Slughorn taken for the movie. You know the photographs in Hogwarts move and Jim Broadbent who is a very gifted comedian as well as an actor did all these improvisations for us. We cut them together in a montage which is really fun and entertaining.

Harry Potter will be in theaters July 15th while the DVD is rumored to be out December 7th.

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Blu-Ray has got to be the biggest ripoff going.I am sorry to say this too !!! I am the perfe4ct type folk who would of wanted to rush right out and but into it.i am into good audio/video and have really decent gear for my project studio and my living room.


I did a special test up here on my system.I had a friend come over with his PS3 and I brought home from work a DVD & a Blu-Ray of the movie, 10,000BC.I figured it was newly made and posted in HD as well as utilizing a lot of the CGI stuff in films nowadays.

THE SETUP:::::::::::

Panasonic 42" 1080P Plasma

Sony PS3

Oppo 1080P HD Upsampling DVD Player

Monster Power Conditioner Rack Mounted expensive model

Good Cabling HDMI I believe 1.2 version

DENON Refernce Audio Amp

ATC PRO Studio monitors


NILES Rear Wall Speakers

Homemade Center Channel Speaker

THE TEST::::::::::

I did a serious A/B comparison of audio/video quality with 2 guys also adding in their input

THE RESULTS:::::::::

Audio had no real difference.No could tell a difference

Video had a difference but by not as much as you might think.

The OPPO held up so well I was amazed as I would of thought to see a real big difference.

The difference was subtle but [noticeable.but] I would not put it at a big leap in quality


No way am I spending up to twice as much per film and laying out a huge amount more for a PS3 just to watch blu-ray.

When blu-ray is about the same or a few bucks more and the ps3 or a comparible device is about the price of a good OPPO i may be into this otherwise