How Well Do You Know Your Fictional Maps?

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Now, this specific map isn't in the quiz, but The Guardian has a quiz that tests your fictional geography knowledge. What really stands out is that some books have need of very elaborate maps where others have sketches you can easily imagine being done on napkins.

Oddly, the elaborate ones are way easier to identify even if they are harder to read. Go and test your mettle and report back.

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Ron Miller

I got 9 out of 10. I wish I knew which one it was (though I have my suspicions).

Anyway, I do love me a novel with a map in it! I've been sure to include maps in all the novels I've written, of course.

There have been two great atlases of imaginary worlds.

The Atlas of Fantasy reproduces nearly 200 maps from their original sources. This was the first such book like this and is still one of the best. Perhaps the only criticism is the quality of reproduction of some of the maps.

The Dictionary of Imaginary Places is far more comprehensive, with descriptions of literally thousands of places. The only drawbacks to this encyclopedic work are some odd lapses and the fact that the maps have all been specially created for the book. These are attractive and usually well-done, but sometimes not very accurately.

And some years ago I created an atlas/companion to the works of Jules Verne, the most geographically-driven of all authors.