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How virtual reality will reshape your life, according to Google

Check out this fascinating book trailer for the new book The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations, and Business by Google's Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen. Created by the Draw Shop, it outlines just how Schmidt and Cohen see your world changing soon.


As a press release from the Draw Shop explains:

The greatest information and technology revolution in history will transform our world, for better and for worse, in the decades ahead. Five billion people are expected to come online during the next decade as information technology becomes even cheaper and more widely available. At the same time, virtual reality will become more commonplace and online identities will become less anonymous and more valuable.


What do you think? Will a massively larger internet mean more anonymity, or less? And will "commonplace" virtual reality be available to everyone, or just to people who can afford top-of-the-line hardware? How realistic do you think this vision of the future is?

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Yes! I had completely forgotten this book was coming out soon, can't wait to pick it up. I work in IT and have been a "techie" since I was a kid (I'm 27 currently) and all this is beyond interesting. As I point out to my friends, "We went from Zack Morris cell phones when we were kids to phones that fit in your back pocket with room to spare. We went from "oh my god this is the greatest thing ever" (NES) to the soon to be released Occulus Rift. Tech is just going insane right now and if it doesn't excite you with the possibilities then there's something wrong with you."

But, as a techie and IT guy in general, I'd like to add my opinion on one other thing. I seriously think we need to consider implementing a "computer/internet license". Just like a driver's license. (And yes, I know there are plenty of idiots on the road that have one and still drive like morons. But think of how many idiots there are not driving because they can't get a license. Again, yes, I know there are plenty who drive without. Just let me have my dream, okay?!)

Can't wait to get my hands on Google Glass (when the consumer version becomes available, which is something I see changing things remarkably and perhaps causing a revised edition of this book to eventually be released). I for one welcome with open arms our Google overlords. [says the guy who owns nothing but Nexus devices]