How to work for Mass Effect: fix Martin Sheen's computer

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While answering questions at the junket for The Amazing Spider-Man, Martin Sheen was questioned about his role as The Illusive Man in the video game series Mass Effect. His response was both adorable and hilarious.

You just came off of finishing your run with the Mass Effect series and then straight into The Amazing Spider-Man… What is it about genre entertainment about science fiction and fantasy that appeals to you as an actor?

Martin Sheen: I'm drawn to characters, if I can relate to them personally, all the better. Because, for an artist, if something is not personal it's impersonal, and if it's impersonal then nobody cares. I'm challenged by playing villains, which I think Mass Effect is what I'm playing. I've never seen it because I don't have a computer, and I'm not computer savvy. I'm very sorry. I have not seen it. I don't have a clue what it is. No. And there was a guy who came to fix my wife's computer and was just over-the-moon that I was the guy in Mass Effect and I said, "I'm doing another one would you like to come?" and he ended up as an advisor for them. I hear it's pretty good though.


Now we will forever live in a fantasy world where Martin Sheen is our own personal Mr. Feeny, the adorable neighbor next door.

Illusive Man illustration by Matt Rhodes.


I'm always amazed when I hear about entertainers who don't watch their own performances (or, in this case, hear their own performances) in the final product. Maybe I'm just a naturally curious person, but wouldn't you want to know how it finally ended up? It's like putting on your clothes and not even taking a glance at the mirror to make sure you look presentable. Sure, you don't have to pose and stand there for an hour, but not even a peek?