How to transform your garden gnomes into Satan's little helpers

Want to turn your garish lawn ornaments into minions of the night? Hack A Day has created this nifty video guide to give your gnomes laser eyes. You just need a few gnomes, a solar light, a willingness to lower the property values in your neighborhood, and no taste whatsoever.

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Stephan Zielinski

Anyone fooling around with that particular model of "solar light": (A) please be more careful around the cell than our presenter is being, and (B) when you get tired of the resulting tchotchke, for God's sake dispose of it properly. At 9:57, it's clear that the particular model of "solar light" repurposed here happens to use a nickel-cadmium cell. Cadmium is a highly toxic heavy metal; it cannot go into landfills, but must instead be recycled. And a slip with a power tool would be a bad thing; cadmium is particularly dangerous in dust form. For more information: WIkipedia's article on cadmium: []