How To Train Your Dragon 2 Introduces Tons Of Kaiju-Sized Dragons!

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There are so many new dragons in the long-awaited How To Train Your Dragon sequel. Big ones, small ones, ones that blow ice instead of fire... Looks like the wait may have been worth it.


The movie takes place five years after the original. Hiccup is all YA-movie steamy now, and the town has firmly embraced the neighborhood dragons. But things get shaken when Hiccup uncovers his long, lost mother. Who also happens to be an excellent dragon rider. Plus there's a dragon war looming, with giant dragons. Basically, DRAGONS!

EDIT: Yes I know there was a massive dragon in the original movie, but the point is now there are more! So many more!

How To Train Your Dragon 2 will hit theaters on June 13th.



So the what the hell was this?
Anyway, seems good, but they should use original scores for their trailers....I just don't like "pop music" in movies that don't really need them.