How to Track io9 at Comic-Con

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We've arrived in sunny San Diego for the culture industry's biggest event of the year: Comic-Con, where over 100 thousand fans, journalists, and creators gather together to see what kinds of stories we're in for next year. Expect reports on everything from Terminator 4 and Watchmen, to upcoming TV series Fringe and Dollhouse — as well as what's up with publishing from comic houses Marvel and DC, and scifi novel houses Tor, Ace, and Del Rey. Want to keep up with everything, or get a nice filtered view of the madness? Here's how.


We're going to be interviewing creators, attending panels, partying, ogling toys, and giving you blow-by-blow updates on all the surprise news that usually erupts during Con weekend. You'll see our posts here for the next several days (Con starts officially tomorrow), but there are other ways to follow us too. If you want pure Con coverage, you can read all posts tagged Comic-Con 08.

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And if you're going to be at Comic-Con, here are our picks for the coolest stuff. And be sure to come see the io9 panel tomorrow from 2-3. We're talking about "Science Fiction That Will Change Your Life." And say hi if you see us wandering around. We'll be giving away io9 pins and stickers!


Josh Wimmer

Did you guys all ride down from San Fran in a sweet fuckin' van, and will you be tailgating in the afternoons?