How to Talk Like a Space Pirate

Yesterday was International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and observers worldwide spent it elongating their "Arrs" and referring to each other as "matey" and "landlubber." But why focus on the seafaring brand of pirate, when the entire galaxy is packed with raiders and smugglers? Our handy guide will illustrate the numerous ways space pirates speak so you'll have plenty of pirate fodder for next year.Classic: Faux pirate talk survives into the 31st Century with Futurama's pirates (in space!), who even manage to be wistful between their yarrs: Disney-fied: Disney's Treasure Island adaptation Treasure Planet may be set in space, but its pirates sound much like the characters in any other Disney movie with the occasional British accent thrown in: Robotic: Seacons are the nautically-themed pirates of the Transformers Universe. Although most of the Japanese Seacons are incapable of speech, their leader Turtler can call on Seacon drones to transform into King Poseidon: Dumbed-Down: Brak was once a fearsome space pirate, out to conquer the universe. But an encounter with Space Ghost left his mental faculties severely impaired, reducing him to uttering inanities on Space Ghost's talk show: Sermonizing: Another former space pirate, Humma Kavula (of the Hollywood version of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) left his pirating ways and ran for president. After losing to more popular but less competent Zaphod Beeblebrox, he became a preacher for the Coming of the Great White Hankerchief: Honor-Bound: In Exosquad's war between humans and Neosapiens, the Pirate Clans, descendants of exiled criminals, have no love for either side. But some pirates still use the language of honor: Unintelligible: Star Trek's Breen spent years conducting raids against other races, making them ideal partners for Dominion's attack on San Francisco. But little is known about the Breen, as they perpetually encase themselves in suits. It's hard to say whether the electronic garbling they emit is entirely their natural language, or a byproduct of their masks: Chinese: The crew of Firefly's Serenity steal, smuggle, and occasionally swear in Mandarin: Wookiee: Smuggler Chewbacca is generally the strong, silent type, but will let out a good roar when the occasion demands:


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AdamL and ms-scarlett,

unfortunately,屎 shi (shit, the stuff, not the action) is in the third, and trickiest tone(start high, dip low and slowly rise again -like "We..ll" in English

if you're being reluctantly persuaded to agree)

But the character is 'rice below a body'!