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Impressive opening ceremony aside, the Olympics really seems to be trying to harsh our televisual mellow this week, with many shows either off schedule completely or on reruns to make way, but don't worry: We're here to navigate the remains.


Clearly realizing the dearth of interesting programming on thanks to the Olympics and everything seemingly going to reruns because of it, IFC steps up to the plate with three separate showings of The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, at 4:30am, 9:20am and 2:15pm. Syfy steps that up a notch: There's an original V marathon happening right now (It started at 8:30am, and runs until 9pm), including the V: The Final Battle mini-series, which includes this piece of classic television:

It's all about the Lost on ABC tonight; after a rerun of last week's "What Kate Did" at 8, the all-new "The Substitute" airs at 9pm. Everytime this show has an episode title that uses a definitive article like that, I wonder if it's going to be a time-travel-centric episode...


If you're not up for a Syfy marathon of Haunted at 9am (until 3pm), then your best bet for the day is probably Human Target on Fox at 8pm. Fans of ABC's Alias may be excited to know that this week's client is none other than Kevin Weisman, playing a weapons specialist looking for a way out of his job at a shady company. It'd be too much to hope that said company is called "SD-6," right...?


Anyone remember First Wave? Syfy does, and it's giving the show from 8am through 3pm to remind everyone else, as today's marathon. If that gets you in the mood to remember things, then Fox has the third episode of regression crime drama Past Life at 9pm, just to make you miss Fringe that little bit more...

Celebrate the end of the week with some Stargate SG-1 marathoning from 8am through 3pm on Syfy, and then consider just staying there for the Caprica minimarathon from 5pm onwards, finishing with a brand new episode at 9pm, "Gravedancing":

Daniel appears on a talk show, but his intentions alienate Amanda; Joseph has a change of heart and tries to stop Sam from killing Amanda.

Of course, there's always a new Smallville on the CW at 8, in which Clark gets dosed with magical wishing kryptonite on Valentine's Day, and the Wonder Twins episode gets a rerun at 9pm.

If it's Saturday, it's new Survivors on BBC America at 9pm. This week, armed thugs lay claim to all the shops in the area, leaving the rest of the survivors without food or water, and then a magical elf makes everything better and turns rivers into chocolate. Okay, maybe not the magic elf bit.



And just to make sure that I couldn't complain that everyone had forgotten about the last day of the week, Syfy goes and offers a great evening of movies: Serenity at 4pm, Sunshine at 6:30 and the amazing Children of Men at 9. Nothing like a bit of dystopia to finish your week.


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