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How To Sell Scares Throughout Eight Decades

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The selling of horror movies has come a long way, baby. Online design blog HongKiat gathered inspiration from over eighty years' worth of posters for horror movies from Nosferatu to Pandorum. Click through to see our favorites.


Lessons to be learned from seeing these posters all together in one place:

(1) The Eyes Have It. Apparently, it's unsettling to have giant eyes looking out at you. Who knew?


(2) Wherever Possible, Have As Much Red And Black. Blood and darkness. Who said the old classics don't work today?

(3) In The 1980s, Glowing Things Were Scary. Okay, this one, we can't help you with.

Evolution of Horror Movie Posters 1922-2009 [HongKiat]

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Isn't it funny how misleading horror movie posters can be? I mean, honestly, who didn't want to see a murderous jack-o-lantern wield a butcher knife?

And to this day, I still have no idea who's on that Scream poster.