Though the series V has amazing potential, it's going downhill fast. But the show could be saved! If the producers turned it into a paranoid, conservative thriller about aliens controlling the government with socialized medicine.

As X-Files and Battlestar Galactica taught us, science fiction TV can offer delightfully paranoid commentary on US government shenanigans. Why isn't V taking advantage of this? The show has already hinted that it has conservative politics, but keeps wimping out on going all the way. I think if the show is going to succeed as a story, its politics should be sharpened up - that could sharpen the storyline too.


Aliens made the government liberal

We have already seen that the Vs are meeting with government officials and manipulating the media into only saying nice things about them. How about turning the Vs into true puppetmasters who are behind a plot to turn the US government soft? We could see the Vs requesting menacingly behind closed doors that the president needs to scale back US missions in space, and destroy the one military prison facility (Gitmo) where we could really get answers. Their next move is to trick Obama (erm I mean that guy who is president in the V universe) into preventing the intelligence community from developing its cyber powers. First they will weaken us, then roll out the next phase of their plan . . .


Socialized medicine is all part of their strategy

Free medicine created by aliens is a central theme on V - one of the ways the Vs track humans is by giving us "vitamin shots" full of ultra-tiny surveillance devices. The show needs to make the V clinics more clearly a dark satire of Obamacare in this show. We should see creepy public policy debates about alien healthcare. And scenes of the Vs talking about how the easiest way to control humans is by promising them better insurance packages.


Our heroes should be resisting the Vs by buying their own private health insurance. Only that will keep them free from the scary injections that allow the Vs to place them under surveillance at the genetic level.

The alien immigration policy must be stopped

An issue with the Vs has been getting them passports and a consulate. Now the Vs are doing this "live aboard" program where humans get to live on the V ships while Vs live among the humans. Doesn't this sound like the perfect scenario to warn against the dangers of unchecked immigration?


Our heroes are already priests, white militia dudes, and law enforcement. But the show is afraid to do more than flirt with the idea that V is about taking America back from its liberal leaders. No matter what your politics might be, there's no arguing with the fact that V needs more of an edge. Maybe this show should be more open about its conservative bent - it might make for a more powerful story.