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How To Please Your Girlfriend, The Necro-Voyeurism Way

If you could replay all of a person's memories like DVDs, would you be God? Or just a shriveled up voyeur? In the movie The Final Cut, almost everybody has a brain implant that records every experience, from birth to death, and then when you die, Robin Williams edits your entire life into a sanitized 90-minute compilation, for your family and friends. But in his spare time, Williams' character watches the memories of his girlfriend Mira Sorvino's dead boyfriend, to pick up some hints - and she's not too thrilled when she finds out. Of the several Robin Williams-creepy voyeur movies from the past decade, this is one of the best, although maybe not as awesome as Brainstorm. [IMDB]


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Ehhh, that's what she gets for dating Robin Williams. doing She should thank her lucky stars he's not doing his Patch Adams routine.